Work makes you free

It is obvious that labour, is the engine of success. Money, independence, social life, most of these gains are the result of employment. But the very values that formerly the pleasure of work have disappeared. Once the work was a work, an end in itself, a way of life. Today, the worker is more valued by the quality or quantity of work provided, but a simple report of obedience and submission. Petrified by the loss of his job and return to the unemployment box, it is able to render any service to his employer, any the more thankless responsibility even if it means losing his dignity. The rationale for the company remains the performance. But what returns can we speak well when employees become slaves of the system? Where is the profit for the company? which directors despise the work of their employees, and do not even know the number. I do not believe in a world linked exclusively to consumption, this system is out of breath, and I beg that the peoples of Europe will eventually revolt against the oligarchy of the system. We live in so-called democracy, or why most politicians out of the same political schools? Why isn't there a t – he more candidates to the people? which comes from the people, and that is for him, and not for his personal studies. The reign of money, and the dubious financing, must end. Corruption has reached its limits, led by Freemasonry, it must be exterminated, to give a chance to every free person of law and hope to prove his worth on a daily basis. I want more vassals of the capitalism, slaves of the systems, I want to live in a free world designed by the pearls of innovation and European productivity. The Germany and the France must unite in a new Europe limited, and do more that one to counter the rise of the new global economic threats. The Europe of 27 is a weakness, because some of the peoples of Europe do not have the same attitudes workers and rigorous who made our 2 countries, respected and considered worldwide companies.