The ideal

Certain emotions are difficult to control, our reactions to the difficulty, in the complexity of life, death, are diametrically opposed. But fear, she governed the men since the beginning. Would be – this had to the fundamental issues relating to the unknown? Why fear slips into each of our actions? No one can remain indifferent. It was nice to pretend, an earthquake, a tic, a stuttering there refer. We cannot control it without giving in to the madness, and without self-destruct, well on a small scale it is possible to deceive her little world. At one time I happened to work on "child labour", slavery of children, but also on child soldiers of yesterday, those Daesh today, that become you? Bloodthirsty monsters, showing off bodies and heads of death row? But this impulse, this urge to kill, each person has. Depart us a moment of good and evil, leave aside, these religious hogwash, and look at things in faces.

We cannot understand, in our Western comfort, the excessive reaction of these individuals. Do you know what is the ruin, the loss of his house, the loss of memories? Do you know what it feels like when you lose a part of his family, or even all, no, we don't know, the effect cause by the ire of vengeance. This vengeance must be direct, at each time to an enemy, which is not the case, but regardless, he had luck in life, say, therefore face the fate that each is fighting in his own way.

Most of the reasoning that we compared life, are based on a relationship of normalcy, as if there were a guideline to follow, or any gauge would be the synonym of a failure. Loss of time is in my opinion a factor of failure, but despite everything a minimum of optimism is required, then we must relativize, our consciousness comes to and tries to tris, and so clings to this guideline.

An example, I know that few people will read this page on this site, I see the mocking smiles, I see the contempt of some and others, but basically, I also see an ounce of thought that occurs, there reason, why do I continue to read in this case? Testing t – handle me? Why tent t – it to pander to my ego, not ca has no meaning.

You see, consciousness is based also on the contradiction, it is in large part what prevents us from moving forward. Besides the anxieties related to membership of an ideal. Many of comedy refer, I think of Gad Elmaleh and its various skits on the "blond", the technique is simple and you know, a person say "approximately perfect" public identification is necessary for appropriating the sympathy of the public, just to incorporate some stereotypes, and yields the hilarity of onlookers.

The effect is thus double, without too much effort can be put the audience in his pocket. But you can also see a hidden contempt, an aspect not seen and not understood by most. By the apparent mockery of the "blond" mocks t – not actually of you? Compare t – not the ideal of his mind, and many of its similar to yours? In other words it may that he mislead that your life is really crummy, and it indirectly mocks the ridiculousness that you inhale it, it is clever, because this aspect remains hidden, and the public focuses on the desired stereotype.