The awakening

Again I wake up naked in this gigantic room white and empty. This strange room does not have any interior design. No ventilation, no more, no doors, no windows. Instinctively I scream, but no sound come out of my mouth. A deep sense of calm then occurs and spreads in my whole being. I don't feel anything. My questions escape gradually this as scary as mysterious place. As if an entity controlled the least of my actions, the least of my facts and actions. Yet, I have the strong conviction that this entity is soothing and I trust him. I began to walk in whitish wideness in order to stretch my legs. It suddenly comes to the idea of starting my No 1, 58, 97, 214, 456, while my legs become increasingly heavy. Then I collapse on the ground, and strangely I am more able to get up. I am nailed by the surrounding gravity. My face, my arms, my body no longer meet me. I scream again with all my strength, with no success. No pain, no sign of life surrounding. I laugh out loud, I said me, Oh I finally died, it's over! I laugh again and again in order to feel a pain in my lungs, still nothing, my voice does not emit sounds. I'm dead language violently, I'm able to spit my blood, but this has no effect on the pain which strangely is non-existent. Then I close my eyes for 1, 2, 15, 30 minutes, perhaps hours, days, months, years, I don't have any idea. Then I open them again, and I notice, I ended up successfully meet me. Finally, I wonder if I really got down on the floor, or if I just stop walking. Suddenly a flash, my vision is getting confused also brutally that quickly, I don't see even more my body now. Me s sense disappear, my thoughts disperse, a horrible pain occurs at the back of my skull, like regular masses, mixed up in a roar of engine. I can't, I beg in the depths of me, that this entity be done with me, I put me sobbing everything in bracing me myself. That's when I wake up in this huge white room that does not include any from. I decided to stretch my legs, while counting my steps.