Unable, look at me. You're just a deep fool, feed Vice, fed you customs imposed upon you by the company without thinking. Personal development, resides in self-satisfaction. The wonder of the senses, allows for him to feed the desires, and other archaic fantasy. You think you're interesting, right out of your 7 congeners billion? You think you can get rid of that frustration that gives you the right to live with a pretty small smile Mechelen?

Let me tell you one thing, you're nothing, you don't need me, you're useless, because your mind can break with words. A low, who imitates his neighbor to feel alive. Live in a box again and again, such is your mission. Will parade there, do the proud, in the small car, your wife with 3 neurons just good to watch TV, but me I could drill your fake, your permanent hypocrisy, I deliver you from your sins, as they also belonged. Do you believe – that's this issue I pass you? you see a hope or a fit of madness on my part? I am saint of mind by asserting once more that the issue is that your one and only death? Vermin, so just the last step that close you to your ancestors, this same unable to meet a burial. Command you so a gun, fixed the between your two eyes, feel soft and cold gun metal, and disappears like the coward that you've always been.

A monkey without talent, without hope, without values, without virtues, which wriggles as soon as we love food, but who's going to make it to his masters, as soon as these raise the tone, that's all I see. A Christian broken, chipped, virulent, submits to the same purity which was denied to the years before. There is no harm to make justice, a world populated by fools, among those convinced of beings of good Aryans, and vouchers to trifles. Get you now, and fight with honor, nobility and dignity, rather than focus on the words, small sentences, full of nonsense and ignorance of your peers.