Any beginning, starts with a source of inspiration, motivating some, without which nothing is possible.

Sometimes just a slight click, unfortunately, need to achieve a certain degree of maturity to understand this. I consider myself as someone far too mature, insensitive to emotions, feelings, the ignorant will say that I am depressed, but me, I consider myself as being someone’s very lucid, I observe, I analyze and I note.

No society is not beautiful, no this world has nothing extraordinary, you will never have the opportunity to change your world, nor even the way others think. The objective is to focus on yourself, to make this inside job, to reach the higher level of serenity, we can see here a form of paradox with the nirvana, but there is not. I decided to build my life around my experiences, without religious influences, which tutors are all too often corrupt.

Some have understood this operating mode, they know that the intellect of certain individuals is limited. Poverty, suffering, physical defects, complexes, facilitates manipulation of all kinds, scam, beatings,  sexual harassment or moral, teasing and many others.

What should we do in that case would you ask? Do we have to help his neighbours, or just see it dive further into the abyss of suffering. All depends on your personality, your consciousness, but there is the fact that even the greatest psychopaths of this world can understand. Anyone who commits acts of this nature, is in the background in much greater suffering than his victim. Even that generated hatred does nothing constructive. At least I have the impression that every emotions that were bequeath to us can be used optimally , this it what makes the human being fascinating. I once considered myself as a convinced humanist, I was that person who could not tolerate, the crushing of the weakest, a well dark dreamer for some, an apostle of christ of a new genre for me.