My will has ordered me to go into exile. Blind, I walked the path of redemption. Hatred and suffering that have lived me for so long never left me. Halos of lights arose from obscurity to guide me to the infinite wisdom of my conscience. A eugenic view of the elements transcended my body and my soul. Obsessed with this desire for purity, I decided to break the rest of my reason. Slay the evil at its source, defeat ideal millenniums, here with what I do on a daily basis. The confidence that I was at Church who had welcomed me with arms open in his house it was extinct. My past was for me a great source of energy, but which kept rot from the inside, to ultimately leave only a deep and gloomy void. My efforts to fill were laudable, but insufficient. I refused again and always to change the background of my reasoning, prisoner of my own dreams, I was tired of my future.