Brutality of the masses

It is by this gloomy and rainy, evening me again just these small thoughts, which I would like to send you a quick condensed.

I am convinced that sooner or later our society, our way of life, our culture will implode. I repeatedly mentioned in my previous articles, but in the background, teaching through repetition. Before a thought, a way of life can arise, you should know be able to hammer some lyrics, some written in the right way, this is the only way to permanently retain things. Proof, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, books are the most widely read and translated all times around the world, because it will always be private tutors to set out its rubbish. I believe and I can understand that my views may not be accepted, shared.

Religion feeds on the suffering of the patient, manipulates the weak of mind by him inculcating clear precepts of good conduct. She also tries to bring back the fishermen in the right path, those who eventually deny the Christ or Mohammed. Good numbers of sects were inspired by these practices to attract new followers, some of whom is rightly tired of religious traditional methods. Doubt, is very badly understood by these religions, which only a pure and noble faith is worthy to receive the full blessing, i.e. better worth behave beyond reproach if you want to get a good place with God. Now that there is no vice, evil, the spirit of the evil one, will always be present, it goes back to my small demonstration at the beginning of paragraph.

I can however happily include the fact that this may give some and to some a reason to live, say a thread, a framework. The satisfaction of some people for religions can be explained in a very concrete way. Just see with what authoritarianism blessings are performed, and those from the earliest age. I regard this as an error, for me an infant should not be imposed a cult, whatever it is. Even influenced a child should have a choice of the path he wants to choose throughout his life. Even if we do not illusions, his choice, if the in lucky, will be benefit motivated by what peers think of any profit which it can draw. Perversion achieved everything circles it has no limit, as corruption is not in the other so prolific areas of our existence. Is not that low note, to denounce these abuses without being able to change them, less than cause an imbalance total and radical of the established order.

It therefore cannot speak here in my opinion a some system of brutality of the masses, because the established balance is conducive to consciousness querying, well frowned, it is quite possible to deviate from the path in order to make his own experiences, his own discoveries, and later compare to any its fundamental ideological. Nevertheless the lack of real freedom of action and introduced rigorous principles did flee good numbers of followers, more divine authority cannot in my opinion be preached by an imam, a priest, or a Cohen, derivatives are too large and too risky for a single man, not to mention some misogynist principles that prohibit such women to become a priest , or prevent the priests to marry.

The media are the main culprits for the loss of our way of life. Everything is mediated, everything is controlled by the multi-national, by banks, by this small world of finance, any small letter is analyzed under a microscope. This power cannot be reduced to the price of the blood of millions of deaths, caused by the same companies, whose sole purpose is enrichment. It is a pernicious system, which was implemented in the company, he is presented to us as being essential, easy access, playful. The press is often positioned as a victim of the system, but it is well complicit. It has an am-saying freedom of actions, but codes are dictated and imposed to manipulate her little world. You do not notice this? It is similarly to the television this intonation robotic in information logs, these dramatic music broadcast to emissions of investigations, targeted ads. You tell me without doubt, that it is only that of marketing, to obtain the largest possible audience. I prefer not even to mention all stultifying programming that abound in the form of audio-visual cancers.

But who benefits all this? who benefits from this brainwashing globalized? to those who govern us? or those which they are slaves?

Never forget that you are no more than a pawn, nor a small manipulable dust at any point for them. They promote individualism, selfishness, they create social codes to prevent you from harm, because there is only one thing that scares them. Masses, the educated crowds, consisting of educated people, revanchists who this company at any cost, to all these formerly high-ranked ghosts, to those that by appearances lost everything, but that gradually rediscovers the freedom of conscience, freedom of thought. There should be millions of Snowden, of Manning, around the world to make move mentalities.

Never forget you marvel for trivialities, laughs out loud when the opportunity arises, although they may feed the misery and distress of the people, they will never you remove this joy, this desire to do well without profits, this desire to share, to Exchange. This feeling wonderful that one feels when pleasure is drawn on the face of others, they will never be able to understand it, keep it for you, it is a precious gift that is increasingly rare these days.