I would like to make the point on a delicate subject for many people who aspire to thousands of more stupid comments than others on social networks.

What should we think of what is happening in Europe in EC-moment?

It is clear that the French, that Europe, the United States are very ill-equipped to combat terrorism. We have had the sad demonstration lately.

France fear, hate, anxiety, invade many people and households around the world. It is essential to remember that these – same French who elected Mr. Hollande universal suffrage by 2012. It is a bit easier to throw the stone on a Government that is elected, all because fear takes over the top. How to explain? It is very painful to realize that we are no longer in a country at peace, that the threat is everywhere, that war is the. The unconventional aspect and the cowardice of most attacks makes it even more appalling. Many people are not, underemployed, and enjoy so blithely the Socialist system, its be-remote social facts advocating mass handouts. It is clear that they are by far not solely responsible for the decline of our society. The media have a huge share of responsibilities, in the way that information are submitted, they have a real power of thought. The media can elect anyone with surveys, and can destroy the life of a person in a few weeks with mere rumours. As Mr. Strausskahn for example, wrongly or rightly, the is not the issue. The brutalization of masses from TV channels is a scourge for the youth, it goes the same for Internet, or more stunning content is put forward, to make the buzz, to attract a maximum of people. Limits disappear more and more in this environment, in this ultra-connected society, or harassment and individualism are the masters of the game.

I think that the elites benefit from this confusion, to put forward, to enrich themselves, all political parties play on the fears of the french, all advocate the same solutions. It is clear that censorship, that stricter control of the media, conversations, is necessary. I believe that it is necessary to carry out a radical change in our society. It is a collective consciousness to perform such as e.g. recovery of courtesy, honour, politeness, and especially new social dogmas based on mutual respect that should be delivered to the taste of the day. The is the root of dis-ease of the France, guided by one fear of the other, by the future deep anxiety, and a collective paranoia of the present.