The 1918 Armistice

After the failure of the fighting in the German army in June and July 1918, Commander Paul von Hindenburg Chief of the German general staff general Ferdinand Foch offers a meeting of both sides to negotiate. Since then 5 cars traverse escorted the devastated area in the North of France, in an undisclosed location, in this train, the different present protagonists are the Admiral Rosslyn Wemyss representing British, as well as General Weygand, Chief of staff of Foch. The German side is Matthias Etzberger, representative of the German Government, count Alfred von Oberndorff, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs German, the General Detlof von Winterfeldt, and von Gruennel, and the German captain Ernst Vanselow. While fighting continues to rage on the front, the train arrives on the venue, for 3 days the Germans can be opportunities to actually negotiate, they must quickly comply with the conditions established by Marshal Foch. The armistice is signed at 5:10, but the ceasefire is effective at 11: 00 on November 11, 1918. He coached both bells and ringtones of Bugles everywhere in France, announcing the end of a war that has lasted more than 1560 days and made more than 8 million deaths and 6 million injured.

Armistice 1918